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R for Rainbow 

The boardwalk to Hoboken never ceases to excite me. I have walked more than a hundred times the same path. But every time I do it I feel the same rush of excitement every time I see the majestic New York skyline.Having been bit of a glut in the morning eating a huge brunch, we needed some extra exercise to burn it off. So we decided to walk till Maxwell park instead of just Hoboken and back.

Chatting and brisk walking is something I love, and if I have my daughter next to me there is no dearth for it. Limbs aching we reached the park and stretched on the lawn. It was around 7.30 in the evening and the evening was bright. There was a sudden flash of light and There were huge grey clouds looming in the sky. 

Within a jiffy I saw that it was raining across the Hudson. Fascinated I watched the rain coming towards us and in the next few seconds it was on us. Oh! Glorious rain! We ran for shelter and alas there was none close by. We got drenched by the time we reached the building across the road. 

As the rain stopped we started walking back and suddenly there was a burst of light as the sun came out of the clouds. 

We ubered back to New port as we were drenched. I ran across to the board walk opposite to take a picture of the clear sky . And there it was in all its glory. A beautiful 🌈 rainbow. 

As a child I remember in my alphabet book my mother reading R for rainbow. No doubt we study how rainbows are formed in high school, but the mind doesn’t really understand what the eyes don’t see.

There were many children there on the boardwalk that evening looking in wonder at the rainbow and I for one saw the beauty of it through their eyes. 

It started somewhere in mid town and ended at downtown. The perfect arch wasn’t there but at the downtown stretch I almost could see the pot of gold. The colours were splashing on all the buildings there , especially on The Freedom Tower. 


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