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Morning vista

While I was on my way out for my morning walk my friend pinged me and asked me to send pictures of my walk. So here I am.
This morning unlike my usual route to Hoboken I decided to walk to Exchange place and back. The board walk is enjoyable and easy on the knees if you want to run. The first stop within minutes of me out of the building was Star Bucks . I complain incessantly about their coffee but have it without fail everyday.

It was already 9 am and the morning rush was over. No mile long line for coffee nor the din and buzzle of people getting to work.

Some were reading newspapers, some relaxing and having breakfast sitting on the benches on the side walk. Obviously they started work early. The yachts and the boats were getting ready for their customers to go on a jaunt in the evening.

The board walk was almost empty this morning, except for a few cyclists, dog walkers, few kids playing, some nannies taking the babies for a stroll, 🏃 runners who found time in the middle of their working time.

 I passed the high profile offices, the train station all of which would be so crowded if I were to walk at 7 in the morning or 5 in the evening.

There was an odd person who walked with head bent down , texting ( never could understand how they managed to do that without banging on some one in front).

On the other side of the Hudson was the financial district , it must be hectic business as usual but to watch it from this side it’s all calm and serene. If you think our Coovum river in Chennai is dirty, think again, River Hudson is equally dirty.

Fishing was banned on the boardwalk and I saw this cute board on the floor informing the same. One part of the boardwalk is projected into the Hudson and I have seen hundreds of people hanging around in the evenings, kids playing and senior citizens sitting together for a chat. Yes, you guessed right. All Indian. But now there was a lone homeless person sleeping on the bench and another old person doing her morning exercise.

The ferries were busy making their trips across the Hudson to the city and back. This is one more popular mode of transportation for the public. 

Before I reached the famous Colgate clock I saw a cute lady sitting with an umbrella and enjoying the skyline. Well, reached the Colgate clock and I could see the Brooklyn bridge far away so also the Statue of Liberty. 

I finished my stretches and started walking back. 

This time around I stopped just to take a quick picture of the memorial for 9/11 at Exchange place. 

The food trucks were already outside the office buildings for lunch. Men were hovering outside the office buildings for a quick smoke.

As I finished my walk and nearly home I saw these three ducks 🦆 happily swimming without a care and I had done 8915 steps .


One thought on “Morning vista

  1. New York looks dull and grey compared to the lush and green English countryside!! But a nice quiet walk on an empty route is sometimes so soothing….anywhere in the world!


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