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As we drove into Cotswold it looked familiar. And mind you this was my first visit. Then I realised that it looked familiar because growing up I had read many books set in Cotswold like Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Emma , Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland and then recently J K Rowling’s Harry Potter. Of course we all loved watching Downton Abbey based in Cotswold last year .As we entered Buckland Manor, the gravel drive was straight out of a Jane Austen novel, only needing Mr Darcy to come striding out in his breeches.


One of the most elegant country house hotels in the Cotswold, Buckland Manor is in the village of Buckland, next to a historic church from the 12th century.

We enjoyed the great British tradition of afternoon tea before going for a walk in the tranquil woodland leading into the surrounding countryside. 

We walked through fields and meadows, sheep grazing in them and passed a couple of villages too.

I was fascinated to see an old telephone booth converted into a library on the boundary so that the villagers of Buckland and Leverton could exchange/ borrow books. 

A five course dinner awaited us back at the manor. The Head Chef , William Guthrie and his team of chefs had created a mouthwatering menu . I am going to talk about the dinner separately.

We woke up to a typical British morning, dreary, grey and raining. We were not deterred by this, so we went for our walk with an umbrella. What a glorious walk that was. We came back to a sumptuous English breakfast and soon on our way to our next point of interest.


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